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Digital x-rays are provided with the use of a computer. These x-rays are very quick and effiicient. Digital x-rays use about 50% less radiation than conventional x rays and since they are produced with the use of a computer, they can be duplicated and enhanced for better visibility  and convenience for the dentist and patient. Dental problems become more visible for the dentist and easier for the patient to see what the dentist sees.

The is an instrument about the size of a large marking pen that is a camera to show live magnified images of the mouth and teeth. This allows the dentist and patient to see their mouth and teeth and view various areas of concern that need treatment. Through the use of the fiber optic light,  various cracks and stress fractures are easier to detect and then treat through various dental procedures.

All patient important records are recorded in the computer which allows fast and efficient ease of retrieval and access by the dental staff. This saves much time and energy for the staff and patient. Patient information is updated periodically and can be quickly compared to prior data through the use of the computer program.

Creative Dental Care provides this advanced dental treatment for patients who desire replacement of one or more missing teeth, without preparation of their existing teeth for conventional bridgework. Dental Implants can provide fixed replacement of teeth and eliminate the need to have removable, uncomfortable partial dentures. Implant Restorations also provide stability and comfort for patients who suffer from loose dentures that cause soreness, and difficulty to chew and speak properly due to poor retention.

Patient treatment rooms offer patients a tranquil view through picture windows of a lake front view and have televisions in the rooms for patient comfort.

Creative Dental Care offers “Zoom 2” teeth whitening. This popular form of patient teeth whitening allows patients to whiten their teeth within about an hour to increase the esthetic color of their teeth and improve their smile.

We offer both types of cosmetic services. These treatments allow patients to have porcelain veneers placed on their teeth to improve their smiles relatively quickly. Most treatments with” LUMINEERS” do not require anesthetic oand little or no preparation of the existing teeth!
“LUMINEERS” can quickly and and painlessly close unsightly spaces between teeth and correct misshapen teeth,chipped teeth,and can whiten teeth in just a short time.

This office provides patients with white fillings that are bonded in teeth to reduce sensitivity and provide a natural tooth colored appearance.

Creative Dental Care offers cosmetic crowns which do not contain any metal. Therefore, when placed on teeth, they provide a more natural esthetic look. If the gum recedes around the tooth, these crowns do not show black or unsightly gray lines around the tooth since there is no metal in the crown.

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